Angel Fund founder thanks Dalton Foundation

Posted at 11:26 PM, Aug 24, 2018

Sunday, J.J. Dalton, wife of Andy Dalton, the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals will be unveiling their donation amount to Roswell Park's Angel Fund. 

This stemming from Buffalo Bills fans' donation to the Andy and J.J. Dalton Foundation of over $400,000. 

“And there were so many other things that they could have picked at Roswell, I was just so pleased that the Angel Fund came up, I really was," Phil Hubbell said, founder of the Angel Fund. “Everybody that’s involved with the fund, including staff and volunteers are angels.”

The Angel Fund helps financially burdened families with loved ones being treated at Roswell. Hubbell was so pleased with the Dalton's decision to donate that he's offering $25,000 to do the same thing in the Queen City of Ohio. 

“Why not an Angel fund in Cincinnati? You know, they’re doing so much for us," Hubbell said. “It was the generosity of the everyday Bills fan that just makes me so happy.”  

Buffalo will find out just how much the Dalton's are donating Sunday at 10 a.m. at Roswell's Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

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