An old gravestone shows up in Orchard Park

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jul 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 16:50:23-04

A ten acre plot of land is being cleared at the end of Woodhaven Road in Orchard Park.

Somewhere along the way, a two-hundred-year-old gravestone was found on the property.

Donna Fallon lives in the house next to the land being cleared and is not happy about the possible developments that will happen next to her home on her quiet street.

She is hoping that as the Town of Orchard Park looks into where this gravestone came from, it will bring up an historical or dignified reason to stop cutting down the trees.

“It has written on it ‘David Folsom’ and it says ‘Lived 85 years.’ I know that that is the family name on most of the deeds of the property owners on at least the lower half of this street. That dates back to the late 17- and 1800s. And there is a family cemetery of the Folsoms on a piece of property that is behind the house next door to mine here at the end of the road. It has a black metal wrought iron fence around it, it’s about three to four stones in it, and one very tall pillar stone, which has been degraded over the years unfortunately, but all of the names are also the same name, Folsom."