An inside look at Misuta Chows, Buffalo's newest restaurant/arcade

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jul 13, 2018

Right on the 500 block of main street, it's taken over a year and a half to reach opening day for Misuta Chows.

The Tokyo City inspired space features two floors. The first is where the kitchen is with a full service bar and authentic Japanese seating. It is designed to look like a Tokyo alleyway complete with a working payphone and cherry blossoms, all adding to the experience.

The seconds floor has a completely different aura as customers feel like they are traveling back to the 1980's. Five pinball machines, two full size skee-ball tables, and 14 different cabinet games like rampage, tron, centipede and ultimate classic pac-man fill the space. The bar on the second floor even has a different theme stocked with everything Misuta Chows says you would find in your dads fridge like PBR, Miller Light and Genny Cream Ale.

If you dont have cash or coins to pay for the arcade games, you can use your cellphone. Using the PayRange app, customers can pick any pinball machine they want and begin playing in seconds.

Misuta Chows says they hope to soon be able to expand to a third floor which they plan to make into a lounge.

Misuta chows opens for business at 4 pm Saturday, but will not be fully open until August 3rd. Hours for Misuta Chows are 10:30 am to 4 am. 

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