Granddaughter of Amherst woman perishes in Oakland warehouse fire

Posted at 3:09 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 22:12:45-05

Update: Marion Dolan confirms to 7 Eyewitness News that her granddaughter, 33-year-old Chelsea Dolan is among the dead. No other details are being released at this point.


An Amherst woman fears the worst happened to her granddaughter in the Oakland, California warehouse fire.

Marion Dolan, 90, believe her oldest granddaughter Chelsea Dolan maybe one of the victims in the fire, who's body has not been found yet.

Ms. Dolan said Chelsea was suppose to be at the warehouse the night of the fire performing her electronic music at a dance party. Chelsea is in her 30s and had been living in San Francisco. 

She was just in Buffalo over the summer for her grandmother's 90th birthday party. Ms. Dolan said she would have never imagine that would be the last time she would spend or even talk to her granddaughter.

"I just hope that however, however she went, i hope it was fast. Because I think fire is the worse possible way to go," Ms. Dolan said.

The Amherst woman has been glued to the national news coverage of the fire and sitting by her phone, waiting for the call she is dreading.

Ms. Dolan has not spoken with her daughter and Chelsea's mom, Coleen. She said her daughter has been too upset to talk to anyone. But Ms. Dolan has been in constant contact with her other daughter who's with Coleen.

According to ABC News, the death toll of the fire is now at 36 and expected to continue to rise. Eleven of the 36 have been positively identified.

The Oakland Fire Department has searched 70 percent of the charred building so far but had to stop this morning because of unsafe conditions. It planned to resume the search for victims later today.