Amherst Middle School goes into lock-out mode following bomb threat

Posted at 4:17 PM, Oct 25, 2017

Amherst Police are now investigating a bomb threat targeting Amherst Middle School made on Wednesday morning.

The District's Superintendent has issued the following statement.

A Message from the Superintendent 


I want to make you aware that Amherst Middle School received a call from an unrecognizable number this morning (Oct. 25, 2017) that indicated a possible threat to the building.  Let me assure you that we immediately implemented our security protocols.  
The staff member who answered the call immediately informed district administrators and we worked with the Amherst Police Department to implement security procedures, including a Shelter in Place and Lock Out.  
The safety of students and staff is always our first priority.  With support from Amherst Police, we have completed a thorough assessment of our building and have found it to be safe and secure.
I want to applaud all faculty and staff members who assisted in the building assessment, as well as supervising and supporting our students. I am grateful for the cooperation of our Middle School faculty, staff and students as well as the Amherst Police Department for the professionalism they demonstrated throughout this situation. 
Thank you very much.
Anthony Panella, Superintendent of Schools
A separate threat was made on Tuesday, targeting Sweet Home Middle School on Maple Road.  Police and District Officials found the threat to be non-credible and the school day proceeded on Wednesday.