Crowds react with joy, wariness to verdict in Floyd's death

APTOPIX George Floyd Officer Trial
Posted at 10:02 PM, Apr 20, 2021

Crowds nationwide have reacted with jubilation but also with a deep awareness of the progress left to be made after a jury convicted former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin of murder in the killing of George Floyd.

Cheers erupted from Floyd's family members as the judge read the verdict Tuesday, and a vigil at the site of Floyd's death last May gave way to the celebration.

At the scene where Floyd died, hundreds of people gathered to hear the verdict.

The Associated Press reported that those in attendance at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, which is now known as Geroge Floyd Square, fell silent as the decision was announced and then erupted into thunderous cheering.

According to The AP, many people wept, some sobbed.

After the verdict was read, many at the square celebrated and prayed.

But the elation was tinged with wariness and worry that while justice was done for one Black person on this day, it would not be enough by itself.