Alton Brown: "If you really want great Buffalo chicken wings, don't go to frickin' Buffalo"

Posted at 3:47 PM, Apr 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-26 16:27:40-04

Wow. Food Network food critic Alton Brown threw a jab at the home of the chicken wing.

In a hot sauce taste test video on First We Feast YouTube channel, Brown discusses the regionality of food and says "...once a region believes its got the lock on something, the quality almost immediately starts to go downhill."

He then provides an example: "Or say the chicken wing," he coughs, anticipating Buffalo's fury. "I'm sorry. If you really want great Buffalo chicken wings, you don't go to fricken Buffalo."


Check out the clip for yourself:


The hot topic got people talking.

Here's what self-proclaimed Wing King Drew Cerza had to say: 

Even Senator Tim Kennedy chimed in: 

One YouTube commenter wisely disagreed with Brown's blasphemy:

Alton has not responded to Buffalo's backlash, but acknowledged he may not be welcomed back to the City of Good Neighbors (but don't diss our wings 'cause we'll get angry).

"And there you go, I'll never be able to play Buffalo again," said Brown.

Bye, Felicia!

Check out the full interview below:



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