Alix Rice skate park to be built this spring

Posted at 7:05 PM, Mar 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-26 19:05:46-04

Hundreds turned out to support the Alix Rice Foundation's effort of building a skate park in Amherst, Sunday.

The Alix Rice Memorial Skate Park is set to be built later this spring, and this will be the foundation's last fundraiser before the park is built.

Rice was hit and killed by Dr. James Corisonti six years ago while longboarding on Heim Road.

Since then, it has been her mother's mission to start a foundation and build a skate park, giving people a safe place to play and enjoy skating outside.

Sunday's fundraiser helps with that goal.

Construction on the 10,000 sq. ft facility is expected later this spring.