Airport, bus & rail security tighter in WNY

Posted at 4:48 PM, Jun 29, 2016
European airport bombings on Tuesday has airport, bus and rail security tighter here in Western New York. 
"During a time like this we do heighten security. We do take increased measures," said Michael Martineck who's a spokesperson for the NFTA.
If you plan to travel this Independence Day weekend you'll see more officers on patrol, including more canine units. 
"The NFTA is in charge of the traveling public safety both on metro bus and rail and for the airports," said Martineck. 
The NFTA has even created an app called See Something, Say Something. The app allows you to send a report of suspicious activity directly to police. 
"It lets people just get directly in contact with the NFTA police immediately," said Martineck. 
According to AAA this Independence Day weekend travel will be the highest on record. AAA expects 43 million Americans will travel, which is five million more compared to Memorial Day weekend.
If you're traveling this weekend, or any time in the future, keep this in mind. 
"We always ask that people monitor their bags that's the most important thing," said Martineck. 
Even after the most recent airport bombing in Europe Tuesday, travelers that spoke to 7 Eyewitness News said they feel safe traveling. 
"Here I never felt like that. We are doing all the checks, I think I feel very safe," said Thiag Yenkat who traveled to Buffalo from San Francisco. "I think they should continue to do this."
"I think the airport is doing a pretty good job right now," said Nkrumba Sylvester who flew from North Carolina to Buffalo. "When someone has the intentions of doing wrong, no matter what security measures you have in affect there's ways to get around it."