Agreement reached for carousel site at Canalside

Posted at 10:32 AM, Jul 01, 2016

Add a historic carousal to the list of attractions you'll be able to visit down at Canalside in the near future.

The City of Buffalo, Buffalo Heritage Carousel Inc. and Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation have all reached an agreement to provide a place for the DeAngelis Carousel at Canalside. The agreement makes it possible for the carousel to be purchased, and for restoration to begin. 

"As we brace for another record setting year of attendance at Canalside, I'm pleased we are moving forward in bringing this vintage, park-style carousel to our city's revitalized waterfront, allowing another significant investment that will surely help to attract even more families to this memorable destination," said Mayor Byron Brown. 

The carousel was manufactured in North Tonawanda by Spillman Engineering Carousel. It has been in storage for 61 years and is currently located in Mansfield, Ohio. 

According to the agreement, ECHDC will buy property around Perry Street, Main Street and the Buffalo River for one dollar. ECHDC will in turn sublease the property to Buffalo Heritage Carousel for an annual fee of one dollar. This will allow BHC to have a place to construct and operate the carousel.

The plan is to place the carousel inside a building that would protect it from outside elements. Space for activities and a gift shop would be added in the building. 

Back in 2015, the Margaret L. Foundation agreed to purchase the carousel for $250,000. Assemblyman Sean Ryan was able to secure $600,000 in funding to restore it. 

There are 34 painted horses and three chariots on the DeAngelis Carousel. According to officials, it will take 18 months to restore the more than 90-year-old carousel.

The Buffalo Heritage Carousel Inc. is expected to raise enough money to begin construction on the carousel project next year.