After Texas shooting, some churches seek security advice

Posted at 11:27 PM, Nov 08, 2017

Outside the Bethesda World Harvest International Church in Buffalo, you'll often see two men, Don and Guy. Whenever they're needed they volunteer as security guards. It's usually two times a week. 

“They pretty much know who's coming and who is going,” said Pastor Andre Scott. He says anytime there are people worshipping, they provide security. On Wednesday night, the church holds a bible study.

“We tried to make sure our people are protected,” added Scott.

Other places of worship across Western New York, are examining their security procedures following Sunday's church shooting in Texas. Some are even calling Defensor. The Grand Island company specializes in training people on how to handle active shooter situations.

“We're about intelligent armed individuals, highly trained individuals, we are not for arming everybody,” said Steve Felano with Defensor.

Some of the churches asked the company about having armed parishioners, some didn't. Defensor helps in both situations.

“We go through everything, from behavior detection and response, to how do you recognize these types of active killers and what their mindset is,” added Felano.

The staff at Bethesda World Harvest says after what happened in Texas, and the 2015 shooting at a South Carolina church, they will continue to explore and develop their security.

“We don't want to take away from the worship, but you also have to be vigilant and make sure that people are protected,” said Scott.