After positive test, Lew-Port lead free

Posted at 10:01 PM, Oct 04, 2016

The test results are in for the Lewiston-Porter School District and they are giving the all clear for drinking fountains in the school.

A concerned parent reached out to 7 Eyewitness News about the high school having elevated lead levels in the water. The district says during initial testing, one water fountain at the high school, as well as kitchen sinks from the high school and the middle school, tested for elevated lead levels.

Since those tests, the school district has taken action by running water through those pipes for eight hours. 

Secondary tests show the water is safe.  

“We're going to continue to be compliant with the new state regulations for testing. We're looking at any sources. We were originally told potable sources, which would be for drinking or used for cooking. We're now testing all water sources in the district,” said Jodee Riordan the president of the school board.

A new law passed last summer mandates districts periodically test their drinking water 

Results for lead testing in the Lewiston Porter district will be made public within the next ten days.

For more on lead testing, you can check out the Erie County Lead Hazard Control Program.