A warning to parents who use ShowTix4U.com

Posted at 6:21 PM, Feb 27, 2017

Parents with children in grade schools across our area should check your bank accounts for fraud. Niagara Wheatfield Central School District says the site it uses to sell tickets for school productions may have been breached. The compromised site, showtix4U.com, is not only used by Niagara-Wheatfield.
West Seneca East, Eden, Tonawanda, and Frontier high schools also use the site to sell tickets. But at this time only Niagara-Wheatfield has reported suspicious activity.

N.W. parents like Rochele Broeker believe that's also how her Capitol One credit card information was stolen. She said she wouldn't have detected if Niagara Wheatfield school officials hadn't called her on Saturday to let her know of the possible data breach. “Most of them were all really small charges. I think the most was $12 and the smallest was like $2.50. But it was multiples. They were doing three or four a day.”

Thefts range from a couple of dollars to in one case up to $10,000. “It's very inconvenient for people who are working. It makes everybody very mad because you're using your hard earned money and people are just taking it like that,” Broeker explained.

Parents we spoke to are pleased with how the district handled it all. They also received an email alerting them of the problem. 

Our calls to the N.W. superintendent and to "show tix" were not returned on Monday.

“Now, I have to fill out a bunch of paper work so I can get the fraud charges going so I can make sure that it's legit and I get all my money back no problem,” Broeker said.