A trillion dollars worth of Buffalo specialties

Posted at 4:31 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-12 16:58:29-04

Apple announced the company is worth more than $1 trillion dollars early in August. According to CNN Money, one billion iPhones have been sold since 2007 and the phone makes up 62% of Apple's total revenue. Amazon also announced shorty after that it is also worth over a trillion dollars. 

But how much really is a trillion dollars? We made the astronomical number more understandable...


  • 10 million Anchor Bar wings EVERYDAY for 228 years.  
  • EVERY person in Buffalo could receive 35,000 New Era Caps  
  • Almost 6,000 Sabre Team Franchises 
  • 1,666 Luxury yachts on Lake Erie   
  • 625 Buffalo Bills Franchises 
  • 222 Terry Pegulas 
  • 200 Niagara Falls tourist attractions 
  • The entire city of Buffalo 12 times 

Today was the day Apple rolled out its new iPhone models. Some noteworthy differences include a bigger screen for the iPhone X, more storage space, a faster processor, a new version of the Apple Watch and of course, a better camera.  

The new models are named iPhone XS ($999), iPhone XS Max ($1,449), and iPhone XR ($799). iPhone XS is an upgrade in size and camera quality. iPhone XS Max has a larger display and the iPhone XR is the "lower end" version. 

The phones officially go on sale September 21st. 



Wings: Wings from Anchor Bar $1.20. $1 trillion/$1.20= $833 billion wings. $833 billion wings/365 days= 2.28 billion. 2.28 billiondays/10 million wings =228 years. 

Caps: $1 trillion/ $25 per cap= 40 billion caps/ 1,132,300 people (Population in Buffalo) = 35,326 caps per person 

Sabre: $1 trillion/$169 million (Sabre team value) = 5,917 teams 

Luxury Yachts: $1 trillion/$600 million= 1,666 yachts 

Buffalo Bills: $1 trillion/ $1.6 billion (Bills team value) = 625 teams 

Terry Pegula: $1 trillion/ $4.5 billion (Terry Pegula net worth) = 222 Pegulas 

Niagara Falls: $1 trillion/ $2 billion (Annual tourism spending) = 200 Niagara Falls tourism sites 

Buffalo City: $1 trillion/ $80.3 billion (Gross Metro product, value of all final goods and services produced)= 12 Buffalo Cities 

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