A tale of two restaurants in Jamestown

Posted at 5:50 PM, Oct 18, 2018

Jamestown has a wide variety of restaurants. 

"I think this is an area that serves up very very good food," James Mason, owner of Taco Hut said. 

Forte manager Nick Dean agrees. "I think there are a lot of great options here in the city and in the surrounding towns," Dean said. 

Taco Hut and Forte are two very different restaurants that are just across the street from each other. 

Taco Hut has been open for 46 years and serves up some traditional Mexican food. "We haven't changed our recipes one bit from day one. To this day we have been cooking the same way," Mason said. 

Forte has a new-American style cuisine says Dean. Established in 2004, Peggy Kaltenmeier took ownership in 2006 and made it a point to use fresh, unique ingredients to mix up some classics. 

"Dishes change seasonally and people can expect to come and get interesting and current takes on classic American dishes," Dean said. 

The restaurants have their own signature dishes, personalities, and specialties but one thing both managers can agree on; the strong community support has kept their doors open. 

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