A strange new Buffalo for some returning home

Posted at 11:29 PM, Dec 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-22 23:29:39-05

Airports are packed as people look to spend the holidays with family. That includes the tens of thousands that are heading back to the city of Buffalo and all things western New York.

Have a Ted's hot dog, have an Anchor Bar wing, and have Andersons beef on weck, said Karon Drewniak of Atlanta, GA, formerly the Buffalo area.

Got to have some wings. Got to have the Kimmelweck roll, some sponge candy, said Michael Botticelli of Las Vegas, formerly the Buffalo area. 

There are some things about Buffalo that will never change, but since some of these travelers were last in the Queen City, some things absolutely, have changed.

I know where things used to be. There's a lot of new things, now. Im kind of like my dad, I can tell you where everything used to be, said Botticelli.

Certain spots of Buffalo will look different for someone who has been gone for 40 years (thats how long some people flying into Buffalo, Thursday have been away from where they grew up).

Even for people who come back for every holiday, they've noticed progress, and it's a part of the reason they keep coming back.

Over the years, I have spent every thanksgiving and Christmas in Buffalo, New York with my family and I'm honored to do it again and I will keep doing it until I am no longer, said Drewniak.

Whether it's downtown, Canalside, new restaurants, or the medical campus, things are different for people who havent been back to Buffalo in years.