A random act of kindness from a Buffalo Bills wide receiver

Posted at 7:01 PM, Nov 29, 2018

Michael Stearns begged his mom to take a trip to Walden Galleria to pick up the popular Adidas Yeezy sneakers-- they never thought they would leave with the $250 sneakers for free. 

"They were just extremely comfortable and they looked so good," Stearns said. "I was just like, I have to get a pair." 

While in the store Stearns was convincing his mom to buy the shoes when an unexpected stranger popped in the conversation. 

"You like those shoes," the stranger said.

"Oh yeah," Stearns said.

"They are on me." the stranger replied. 

"What do you mean?" Stearns said. 

"I'm paying for them."  

The stranger turned out to be Bills rookie wide receiver Robert Foster. Foster was there shopping for himself and over heard Michael and his mom talking and wanted to purchase the shoes for the high school freshman. 

"I was just happy to put a smile on his face." Foster said. "I feel like I could just bless somebody." 

Random acts of kindness come second nature to Foster. He has a giving spirit and has donated and bought shoes for others in the past. 

"I try to be a giving person, if you give you shall receive." Foster said. 

Foster shined on Sunday with a 75-yard-touchdown catch to help the Bills beat the Jaguars. This is Foster's first year in Buffalo, but he wants to be a role model for fans. He wants to help bring a winning and giving spirit to the Queen City. 

"I feel like that kid felt like he won," Foster said. "So.. I mean... just keep giving." 

Foster has over 200 pairs of shoes at home and both Foster and Stearns have an appreciation for a good pair of kicks. 

"He told me yesterday, I get it.. I like shoes too," Stearns added. 

Stearns is already inspired by Foster to also pay it forward to help put a smile on another person's face. 

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