A new way to get pets adopted faster: reading to them

Posted at 5:15 AM, Nov 15, 2018

The SPCA serving Erie County is working on newer and fresher ways to get their pets into loving homes.

But, this new adoption special isn’t just helping them…it’s helping parents get their kids a fresh way to learn.

It’s called a Tale for Two: kids come and read to pets living in the shelter.

Christine Davis is the director of humane education, she says it’s not as silly as you think.

“For some of our [more shy] animals, especially our cats, if they’re fearful and they don’t come out for potential adopters, they’re going to stay longer.”

The kids reading to these pets is helpful for both parents - looking for new ways to get their children’s mandatory reading time in - and the pets who need a little more time learning to warm up to people.

The program is set up to be a 6-week session, $40 per child. That gets you an orientation, a t-shirt, and 6 weeks of 20 minute reading sessions with pets.

The current session is so popular that organizers expect to be adding additional ones soon, we will post more information here when dates are released.


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