A new experience set to unite Buffalo's best under one roof

Posted at 2:27 AM, Jan 16, 2018

Buffalo's Hall of Fames, which includes: the Sports Hall of Fame, Music Hall of Fame and Broadcasters Hall of Fame, could all come together as three separate entities under one roof known as the BFLOExperience, a vision that's been in the works for the past 7 years.

Therese Forton-Barnes, Vice-President of the BFLOExperience, and a small team of others conceptualized this state-of-the-art project with the Western New York at its heart. An idea with a modern twist they hope will intrigue and drive visitors to the Queen City, providing something for everyone. 

"We envision buses here with kids and people just coming in droves during the day, on the weekend, because it's going to be such a different feel," Forton-Barnes said.

Imagine being able to make your own music, relive your favorite game, even go back in T.V. time, this could all be possible by 2020 - if funding and a destination are secured, sooner than later.

As for locatoin, Forton-Barnes is pulling for downtown.

"It's the hub of all three - music, sports and broadcasting," she expressed.

When it comes to finding the funds, the key, she said, is to stay open-minded.

"We are going after anything and everything possible."

For more information on the BFLOExperince, visit the Buffalo Niagara Hall of Fame website