A list of people who are gunning for the republican nomination for the 27th Congressional district

Posted at 10:20 PM, Aug 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-12 23:58:19-04

After Rep. Chris Collins announced he was withdrawing his name from the November ballot Saturday morning, many Western New York republicans put their name in the mix for the GOP nomination.

Here is a list of people who confirmed they are running:

  • Carl Paladino, Attorney and Real Estate Developer, 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate
  • Stefan Mychajliw, Erie County Comptroller
  • Ray Walter, Assemblyman
  • Robert Ortt, New York State Senator
  • David DiPietro, Assemblyman 
  • Steve Hawley, Assemblyman

Nick Langworthy, Chair of Erie County Republican Committee, said over there are over 15 people who declared their candidacy but did not say who. He also said that it will be a lengthy process to choose its nominee.

"We have to do vetting. We have to do feasibility studies. We have to do probably some polling."

Langworthy also said that the list could grow.

Replacing him won't be easy though. For a congressional candidate to be removed from the ballot they have to meet one of three requirements: disqualification, declination, or death.

Disqualification doesn't include criminal charges. Declination only applies to missed deadlines, which he hasn't done. The GOP will have to come up with another way to get him off the ballot.

WKBW will update the list as more confirmations arise.



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