75 year-old marathoner and family lacing up to beat Alzheimer's

'Joe's Joggers' running in Buffalo Marathon
Posted at 5:58 AM, May 26, 2017

Beating Alzheimer's is "all business" for a group of 19 called 'Joe's Joggers'.

That's why Robert Flanigan is flying from California with a briefcase and a purple business suit to run in the Buffalo Marathon. On the back of the suit is embroidered, "Joe's Joggers, Beating Alzheimer's is all business." He's meeting 18 other family members in Buffalo, all flying from 10 different states to run the race. 

One of those is 75 year-old Elaine Flanigan, Joe's wife. She will be running her first race ever, hitting the pavement for the full Buffalo Marathon.

"My mother, who's 75 years of age has been training in the Arizona desert," says Joe's son, Robert Flanigan.

The group of 19 is running in memory of Joe Flanigan. Joe was a naval officer, a teacher and a family man, known for his sense of humor and sound effects. He died in 2014 after a battle with Alzheimer's. 

All members of Joe's Joggers are originally from Western New York but now are scattered across the country in California, Illinois, Washington, Arizona, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire. Members of the team will be represented in each race: the marathon, the half-marathon, the 5-K and the kid's race. 

You can help Joe's Joggers make their fundraising goal by clicking here