$5.6 million is getting pumped into these WNY roads

Posted at 7:57 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 20:03:24-04

Erie County plans on spending $31 million to repair higher-traffic county roads this year, and it just named which roads are set to get fixed next.

As part of what's being termed Overlay A, $5.6 million worth of work will be done on Cleveland Drive (from the Thruway to Union Road) and Beach Road (from Wehrle Drive to Genesee Road) in Cheektowaga, and Ellicott Creek Road (from Town Line to Niagara Falls Boulevard) and North Forest Road (from Sheridan Drive to Maple Road) in Amherst.

The county said 7,750 to 11,700 vehicles travel those roads every day.

The proposed work will involve milling off three-and-a-half inches of existing asphalt, followed by the placement of two inches of asphalt binder and one-and-a-half inches of asphalt top.

New pavement markings and ADA upgrades for pedestrians will also be included in these projects.

Bids for the Overlay A project will be out in mid-May, with work to start immediately after award of the contract to the successful bidder.

The first $8 million dollars of the county's work is already underway.

A separate project, termed Overlay B, will be bid out later this year, a county spokesperson said.

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