3 fun hot dog recipes that will knock your socks off

Posted at 2:51 PM, Jul 19, 2017

Americans put away about twenty billion hot dogs a year, but let's give that mustard, ketchup or relish a rest and add some real fun to that foot long. Jared Cotter has three fun recipes that are so good they will knock your socks off.

1.  Mac & Cheese Hot Dog

The mac and cheese hot dog is easy to make. Just fire up some franks, make your favorite mac and cheese and bust out the buns. Mix it all together and you've got a magnificent meal kids and adults will love. If you really want to set it off then add bacon bits!

2.  Poutine Hot Dog

We've got a Canadian take on an American favorite with this one. Start with your favorite hot dogs, and then you'll need to pick up some buns, frozen French fries, cheese curds and a jar of brown gravy. Grill the franks, bake your French fries, heat up the gravy and then you're ready to combine all the ingredients.

3.  Jalapeño Popper Hot Dog

You'll need to grab a few large jalapenos, cheese stuffed hot dogs, buns and a bottle of yellow mustard. Frenche's, we’re letting you back in on this one. Now hollow out the jalapenos, slide in an uncooked cheese dog and start grilling. After that, throw them on a bun, squirt on the mustard and chow down. YUM!

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