3 FAFSA deadlines you need to know now

3 FAFSA deadlines you need to know now
Posted at 9:59 AM, Oct 02, 2017

Here's one thing you shouldn't procrastinate on: filing the FAFSA. 

The earlier you submit it, the better. Why? Many colleges award money on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, determines need-based financial aid awards. 

The filing period opened on October 1st. You can apply at fafsa.ed.gov

To make sure you get as much aid as possible, you need to know the:

  • College deadline: check the school's financial aid page to find out when the FAFSA is due
  • State deadline: you can check this deadline here
  • Federal deadline: the last day to submit is June 30th, 2019

Why are these deadlines important? Each level distributes financial aid in different ways, at different times.