2016 CDC report: nearly 84 million Americans are sleep deprived

Posted at 8:55 AM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 08:59:44-04

It's a reality many Americans struggle with on a daily basis - sleep deprivation. In 24 hours, it can be challenging to find the necessary time for quality sleep. In fact, a 2016 CDC study shows, nearly 84 million adults in the U.S. are sleep deprived - that includes 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Liz Lewin.

In a search for answers, Liz underwent an overnight sleep study at the DENT Sleep Center in Amherst to learn more about her sleep patterns and shared the two-part study on-air.

As a morning reporter, Liz struggles sleeping, like many others who work unconventional shifts. Waking up at 2:45am and getting home from work at 1:00pm makes it challenging to find time to create a healthy and sustainable sleep schedule.

In part one of her study, Liz arrived at DENT on Tuesday night at 8:00pm and was hooked up to 22 wires, which monitored everything from heart rate, to restless leg movement and breathing. 

Lights out was at 10:00pm and wake up was at 5:30am Wednesday morning.

Liz was monitored throughout the night by an overnight Sleep Medicine Technician who watched and listened to her sleeping from a different room, meanwhile results were scored.

In part two of her study, after all wires were removed, Liz sat down with a Sleep Tech to review her sleep study score. 

Dr. Marc Frost, Co-Director of DENT Sleep Centers, reviewed Liz's results and found that while her study appeared normal, numbers appeared that were directly consistent with her chronic sleep deprivation. 

Like others who struggle from this "epidemic," Dr. Frost found Liz went into a state of dream sleep at a much faster rate than normal, signifying her body's need for rest. 

So, if you think you may be suffering from sleep deprivation, what can you do to experience better quality sleep?

Dr. Frost says, "try and create a morning and evening routine, be sure to exercise and eat healthy foods and try keeping a sleep diary to track the amount of hours you are sleeping and the quality of sleep you are getting."

For more information on the DENT Sleep Centers, visit their website