16-ton sculpture has a home on Fredonia campus

Posted at 4:33 PM, Sep 10, 2015

When passing the Fredonia campus you may see something new and exciting - an enormous sculpture in front of Fenton Hall.

“We are installing a piece of art by Albert Paley work called Progression,” Marion Museum Director Barbara Racker said. “It weighs 16 tons, is 48-feet long and 15-feet high."

Paley is a well-known artist from Rochester. This large piece is just part of an even bigger project Paley has created in the Big Apple.

“It's actually part of a series of sculptures he created on Park Avenue,” Racker said.

Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts Ralph Blasting said this sculpture benefits more than just the students.

“The students helped to choose this sculpture. They saw how it was made. It's exciting to have tons of steel brought from Rochester to put on our campus. It's right here in the front of our campus so the community can enjoy it every time they walk by or drive by,” Blasting said.

Experts also said because of the composition of the sculpture, the look of it will change depending on the day, the weather and the season.

“It depends on sun and rain like now and I'm wondering what it is going to look like with the snow,” Racker said.

The sculpture is on loan to the college for the next three years as part of the "In site, On Site Art" program on campus.

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