11 jobs that you may not realize pay at least $100,000 a year

Posted at 2:39 AM, Jul 13, 2016

Most people believe if you want to earn six figures you have to become a doctor, lawyer or high-tech chemical engineer. But that is not the case.

Career website Glassdoor.com found eleven careers that pay more than $100,000. The good news is not all of the jobs require you to earn an advanced college degree to get hired.

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The median base salary for a nurse practitioner (NP) is $100,000. You will need at least a master's degree in nursing and possibly additional certifications.

A nurse practitioner can have their own private practice. They are qualified to prescribe some medications and normally treat common injuries and illnesses. They also perform physical exams.

GlassDoor.com currently has more than 6,700 nurse practitioner job openings on its website.

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A physician’s assistant (PA) requires a master's degree like a nurse practitioner, but they attend a medical school instead of a nursing school.

Physician’s assistants can prescribe some medications, examine patients and order tests. However, they cannot have their own private practice. Instead, they work alongside medical doctors.

The median base salary for a physician’s assistant is $100,000. There are nearly 3,500 PA positions currently available on GlassDoor.com.

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If the medical industry is not for you, you may want to consider working with computers.

A software architect is someone who helps a business function more efficiently.

Most people in the field do have a bachelor's degree in math, software engineering, or information technology. You can learn the required skills by going through online coding camps or other education programs.

To become a software architect you need to have coding skills, know a lot about modern technology, and be able to work well with others.

The median base salary for a software architect is $130,000. Glassdoor.com has more than 600 software architect job openings on its website.

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To see the full list of jobs that pay at least $100,000, visit www.glassdoor.com/blog/11-jobs-pay-100k/.