100 things to do in Buffalo: Vidler's 5 and 10

Posted at 8:45 AM, May 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-07 20:02:06-04

Vidler's 5 and 10 in East Aurora still operates with the building's original flooring and countertops that Robert Vidler used when he opened "The Fair Store" in 1930.

It's a family business that's been passed down for generations, now run by Don Vidler and his relatives. The store has expanded, taking over four buildings, including upstairs and downstairs aisles for you to browse!

The store is featured in the book '100 things to do in Buffalo before you die', written by Elizabeth Licata of Buffalo Spree magazine. The book celebrates Western New York and all it has to offer, from the obvious choice of beef on weck and wings, to various historical sites and nature trails. 

Vidler's 5 and 10 has things you're looking for...and not searching for at all. There are small rubber hands to put on your fingers...and hands to put on your finger hands.

The store tries to offer something for everyone, from the sweet treats to the practical items for your home, wacky gifts, decor, lotions and soaps to hundreds of greeting cards.

To learn more about Vidler's, click here.

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