UPS needs to fill nearly 95,000 seasonal jobs

Posted at 2:16 PM, Sep 22, 2017

With the rise in internet holiday shopping comes a need for people who deliver our gifts. Besides Santa, of course. We all know how busy he is! So, UPS drivers are in high-demand during the holiday season, And, they opt for their famous brown truck instead of a sleigh. The package delivery company hopes to fill 95,000 seasonal positions worldwide from November-January. At the time of this story, more than 2,000 seasonal positions were already available on their jobs page.

What UPS jobs are available? 

The jobs needed vary from package handlers to delivery drivers and even driver helpers. Basically, a driver helper rides along and assists with some heavy lifting. The job posting says it's great for college students returning home for the holidays or stay-at-home parents looking for some extra cash. There is no pay rate listed on the job posting. Check with the hiring manager for rates when you apply. To qualify for these positions, you need to be able to lift up to 35 pounds. But an even more crucial role of the helper is to deliver "merriment and cheer throughout the holiday season to the residents of the communities in which they live." Sounds an awful lot like Santa's elves to me! UPS photo

What happens after the holidays?

After the busy season ends, you may have options to stay on with UPS. If you enjoyed your seasonal job, you could look at their other job postings.   According to a press release from UPS, up to 35 percent of those hired for seasonal work over the last three years now have permanent jobs with the company. “Our seasonal jobs often lead to permanent employment and even careers for some,” said CEO David Abney. “We offer flexible shifts and full- and part-time positions. If you are a student, a working mom or just looking to make extra money for the holidays, we have a job for you.” Non-seasonal UPS work, including full and part time jobs, come with healthcare and retirement benefits. Part time employees in college are even eligible for up to $25,000 in tuition assistance.

Finding Other Seasonal Work

If heavy-lifting and delivery isn't your thing, plenty of stores are hiring for the holidays as well. Target announced they’re hiring 100,000 seasonal workers, while Home Depot is hiring about 80,000. There are also multiple work-from-home opportunities this holiday season, including with U-Haul and Amazon.

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