Unwanted calls and texts? You may be owed money

Don't Waste Your Money
Posted at 1:34 AM, Jul 22, 2016

If you ever got an unwanted text message on your cell phone, you may be eligible for some money.

Some popular radio shows may have to pay listeners who received marketing messages on their phones.

And even if you didn't get those, you may want to know the  newest ways to block robocalls and spam texts to your smartphone.

Marketers Call Every Day

Afua Nantwi was out on this beautiful day enjoying a game of giant checkers.
But she hates the game telemarketers play, bothering her on her smartphone. "I get them every single day," she said.
First it was unwanted calls, which she says "are really invasive." Now she even receives unwanted texts. "You ignore  the texts and hope they don't text again," she said.

Radio Listeners Could Get Cash

Now a class action settlement with the nation's biggest radio chain --over spam text messages -- could mean some money in your pocket.

The suit claims that iHeart Media started sending unwanted texts to people's phones, when all they had done was request a song on the radio or enter some contests they had heard about.

iHeart Media has agreed to pay consumers $8.5 million to settle charges it violated the "Telephone Consumer Protection Act," or TCPA.

The company is charged with sending out unwanted texts to listeners of its syndicated Elvis Duran show, and some other programs on the populariHeart Radioapp.

If you received one of their texts, look for a postcard in the mail, or follow the link to sign up to join the class.

Apps to Block Robocalls
Meantime, what about those unwanted calls to your smartphone? It's so frustrating.

"I get the same call over and over again, probably at least 15 times a day," one frustrated woman told us.

She may want to try"Mr. Number," recently named by Time Magazine as the best app for stopping phone spam.

Another highly rated app is called "TrueCaller," which has a basic free version, and a paid advanced version.

No Cincinnati Stations Listed

The attorney who filed the iHeart Media class action case says there is no set amount of money for listeners yet, as the court has not issued final approval.

As for iHeart Media, the company is not commenting. And there are no local Cincinnati iHeart Media stations listed in the suit as sending out unwanted texts.
Now that many people don't have land lines, marketers of all stripes are paying a game with our smartphones.

But you may be able to say "checkmate" with some spam call and text blocking apps. That way you don't waste your money.


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