These 5 class-action settlements may owe you money

Posted at 2:57 PM, Oct 02, 2017

If you've dealt with some annoyances over the years from one of a few companies, a payday could be in order. Right now you can get in on a class-action lawsuit if you experienced an issue with an app's privacy settings, genetic testing, water damage to your smartphone, unwanted text messages or a less-than-natural soap product. Joining a class-action suit gives you power in numbers against a big company. However, keep in mind that when the settlement gets split among all the people involved, it doesn't usually add up to a ton of money. But hey, every dollar counts! Here are some current class-action lawsuits that could net you some cash or a different perk. All you have to do is file a claim if the suit applies to you. Click the links provided in each section to be taken to the official lawsuit website. We've also included the deadline for filing a claim for each case.

1. If you used the 'Find Friends' feature on an app

This settlement is all about apps for Apple devices that didn't follow the terms and conditions. The claim says that "certain versions of the Foodspotting, Foursquare, Gowalla, Instagram, Kik, Path, Twitter, and Yelp apps obtained contact data from users’ iDevices in violation of user’s privacy rights, and that Apple aided and abetted that conduct." Check it out if you downloaded any of these apps before February 23, 2012. There are specific applicable date ranges for each app. Deadline to file a claim: November 10 Potential payout: Amazon.com credit with your share of $5.3 million after lawyer, administration and other fees iphone photo

2. If you cleaned your home with Honest Company products

Jessica Alba's company settled a lawsuit that alleged it mislabeled multi-surface cleaner, dish soap and laundry detergent when it said the products didn't contain sodium lauryl sulfate. If you purchased any of those Honest products between January 17, 2012 and August 2, 2017, you can file a claim. Deadline to file a claim: November 15 Potential payout: Your share of $1.55 million in cash or an Honest.com credit, after lawyer, administration and other fees honest company jessica alba photo

3. If your waterproof smartphone wasn't really waterproof

This class action suit accused Sony of deceptive advertising when it said the Xperia phones and tablets were waterproof. If you bought one before Aug. 3 of this year and it has water damage, check out the settlement page to file a claim. Deadline to file a claim: January 30, 2018 Potential payout: Half the cost of the device if Sony previously denied your water damage claim sony xperia photo

4. If Caribou Coffee texted you

This settlement addresses annoying text messages from Caribou Coffee that plaintiffs say they never gave the company permission to send. If Caribou slid into your DMs between between May 5, 2012, and July 28, 2017, you can file a claim. Deadline to file a claim: November 13 Potential payout: Your share of $8.5 million after lawyer, administration and other fees caribou coffee photo

5. If you bought a DNA testing kit

Plaintiffs in this class action suit say 23andMe misled customers about what its genetic tests could tell you about your health. If you bought a personal genome service between October 16, 2007 and November 22, 2013, you can file a claim. Deadline to file a claim: December 6 Potential payout: $12.50 or $40 off a 23andMe kit 23andme photo Remember, most companies don't admit to any wrongdoing when they agree to a settlement. And if what happened to you was really bad, a class action suit may not be your best choice. That's because, once you join a class action suit, you won't be able to sue the company on your own, according to Kiplinger. The site recommends talking to a lawyer before joining a suit if you believe whatever the company did affected you more than other people who would join.

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