Money Moves: book uses real stories to show importance of financial planning

Posted at 1:05 AM, Dec 14, 2018

*Warning: article contains language that may be offensive to some

A Western New York financial planning duo is working to make sure women know that asking for help doesn’t make them helpless.

They have just published their new book Money Bitch.

Co-author Sarah Blankenship said the title is no accident.

“We wanted something edgy, something that if it was on a bookshelf somebody would pick it up, not just another money book that you would pass by.”

It’s an in-your-face name so hopefully people will pick up a copy and learn a little bit about topics - the authors say - many women like to push to the back burner.

“Women put themselves on the back burner, it’s something that they want to do, but they say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’,” said Nicholle Overkamp.

The two have been financial planners for over a decade and opened their business Wilcox Financial to serve women and families in Williamsville about 6 years ago,

Those that purchase the book on it’s Amazon release date December 14 will get a discounted price, as well as a bonus for their purchase.

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