I-TEAM: The men who helped cover up Catholic Church abuse

The recent revelations of Catholic priests who have been accused of sexual abuse show cases that date back decades.

But why did it take this long for the information to be made public?

Below are key figures in the Buffalo diocese dating back to the 1970s. Our I-Team has what they knew and when and the steps they took to keep the abuse out of the public eye.

Click on the people below to learn more about their role in covering up sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

Bishop Edward D. Head (Bishop from 1972-1995)


Auxiliary Bishop Donald W. Trautman (Served from 1974-1990)


Bishop Henry J. Mansell (Bishop from 1995-2003)


Monsignor Robert J. Cunningham (Served from 1974-2004)


Auxilary Bishop Edward Grosz (Currently serving)

Charlie Specht

Charlie Specht is the lead investigative reporter for the 7 I-Team. You can see more I-Team investigations here

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