Top 3 unique craft marketplaces across America

Posted at 10:41 AM, Mar 14, 2017

To stay competitive with online shopping, retailers are trying craft marketplaces. With their one-of-a-kind structures and original products, there's not a Wetzel’s Pretzels in sight. Teresa Strasser has the top three across America you will want to visit.

1.  Barnone in Gilbert, Arizona

Rebuilt from a World War II iron foundry, Barnone is nestled in the farm community of Agritopia -- this is a place where there are 11 different businesses where there's a focus on making a product that is made by hand. You can buy anything from woodworking products, to sportsman rifles, get your hair done, wood fired pizza, beer, wine, vegan food, letter pressed paper goods and fresh flowers.

2.  Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas is betting on small business Many of them are first time entrepreneurs, so it’s almost a small business incubator and the park's incubators are a bunch of shipping containers. There's a shipping container elevator, a shipping container slide, and the containers serve as original, non-chain storefronts. Get some amazing shopping done and then catch a live band at this unique spot.

3.  Tin City in Naples, Florida

If you’re the type who likes to shop in a place with plenty of character and history, you've got to check this place out. It started out as a boatyard in the 1920s. Tin City earns its name with tin-roofed shops that are local and eclectic. Check out clothes, hand-made soaps and eat delicious seafood. You can even take sight-seeing cruises and rent jet skis at this fun mall.

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