'Nacho' average food truck: inside Lloyd's Taco

Posted at 2:19 PM, Aug 11, 2017

Let's 'taco' about Buffalo's first food truck!

You've seen the bright-green-burrito-making-machine all around the Queen City from Main & Eagle to Roswell Park.

Co-founders Pete Cimino and Chris Dorsaneo geared up in July 2010 after being inspired by an L.A. restaurant that dished out a Mexican-Korean fusion taco.

For the past seven years, the pair has dominated Buffalo streets with their uniquely-named cuisines. 

While Main & Eagle and Roswell Park are the company's most important popular spots, Peter Cimino relies on customers to determine new locations.

Cimino said, "It's a lot of trial and error selecting spots. We basically go where people ask us. So we encourage feedback, and we like people to tell us where to take the truck next."

Prior to truck legislation, the food truck was restricted to certain areas. But restrictions worked in their favor as they grew their largest following in the Downtown Buffalo area. 

Cimino said, "I think having food trucks is a sign of progress in any urban environment. So it's really gone in tandem with the growth the city's had and we're just glad to be part of it."

Lloyd's is 'nacho' average food truck and with competition all around, their creative dishes keep the crowds coming back.

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