Go the extra mile on Buffalo Pedal Tours!

Posted at 2:29 PM, Sep 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-06 14:57:36-04

What if you could chug beer or sip wine and burn calories at the same time?

Well, you can on Buffalo Pedal Tours! 

It's the safe way to drink and go for a breezy ride around the city. 

These super unique multi-cycle bikes are the first of their kind made in the U.S. Though the bikes are doing well in the Queen City, it wasn't easy to get the ride started. 

Ken Szal, owner of Buffalo Pedal Tours, said, "People would say 'it's never gonna work, Buffalo isn't ready for it, you're gonna fail' and we proved ourselves. Right now, we've got six bikes that run seven days a week. We've even expanded to Rochester and Syracuse too."

But Szal goes the extra mile to give back to the "City of Good Neighbors".

He organizes a campaign called "Cans for Kids," where he saves empty beer cans from the tours, cashes them in, and donates the money to local school programs.

Szal said, "So far we've collected over $500 that's going to go to the kindergarten program at School 18, a community school on the west side of Buffalo."

The most popular tour is the Downtown Pub Crawl, which lasts two hours and takes riders to three bars of their choice. The bike is one price, $345 on Monday through Thursday and $380 on weekends. The bike can hold up to 15 people.

But it's not all about the alcohol. Families can bring their young ones on board, but they are required to wear helmets. 

If you'd like to go the extra mile around the Queen City, visit their site here.