Cheesecake burger, anyone? Rock Burger is the home of the stuffed burger!

Posted at 11:21 AM, Oct 10, 2017

For those with adventurous taste buds, how does a cheesecake stuffed burger sound?

Or an Oreo burger?

What about a burger stuffed with pizza logs and a chicken parm cutlet?

Well, you can get all that plus more at Rock Burger in Niagara Falls. 

WNY native Jason Lizard opened the unique shop this year.

"It's been a pretty good response and a pretty big local following already and we haven't been open very long." Lizardo said. 

So how did he come up with the idea?

"I woke up in the morning one day and said 'I want to put something crazy inside of a burger' and I decided to start making them in my house. It ended up tasting pretty good, and I've grown to a pretty good unique situation now." he said. 

The shop has a 35 burger menu, but the possibilities are still endless.

"For example, I have a deep-fried twinkie stuffed burger and cheesecake stuffed burger. It's pretty much anything you see that could possibly go well with a burger. We try it first, then we give it to our customers, and they all love it." he said. 

A new Rock Burger concoction comes out every week.

"My family was built with a bunch of good cooks. My mother, my grandmother are excellent. They taught me a lot, but this is more of a creative mind thing than culinary." Lizardo said.

So what's next for the 'Home of Stuffed Burger'? Lizardo hopes to open up a food truck soon to give more WNYers the chance to stuff a burger with whatever they'd like. 

I'll take a funnel cake burger, please!

Check out their Facebook page to keep up with their newest, mouth-watering creations.