Steak subscriptions, turntables and more: Last minute Father's Day gift ideas

Posted at 9:54 AM, Jun 16, 2017

If you didn't think ahead to purchase something online in time for Father's Day this Sunday, here are some ideas that will help you look like you pulled it off.

Personalized shaving kits
You don't have to get his name embroidered on the case, but buy one at a big-box store and fill it with the specific brands he loves. Maybe even print out some coupons for those exact brands and stick them in there with the items you purchase for his next go-round. Include shaving cream, a razor, after shave and more. If you want to splurge and go a cut above the big-box stores, head to The Art of Shaving if there's one in your area.

A turntable
Is your dad a DJ, or does he simply love the sound of vinyl records? A turntable may be a unique option for him, and may be found at music stores or even Best Buy. Look for vintage options at your local thrift stores. Low-budget turntables are likely less than $100, according to artofmanliness.com.

We have lots more ideas like this: Check out the video above for more.