More companies are starting to make beer for dogs

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Posted at 9:36 AM, Apr 20, 2021

Dog beer is a growing trend, and there are many new owners out there who may be wondering what it’s all about. Unlike beer for us, it has no alcohol in it, but it is still meant as a treat.

Busch Beer just announced a contest to find a four-legged “chief tasting officer” for its dog brew. The company launched the product last year in response to consumer demand.

Another company based out of Texas called Good Boy Dog Beer started brewing its product back in 2018. The co-founder is also a full-time bar owner and says it all started as a hobby.

“It launched in our garage. We had no idea that it would take off the way that it did. It was a way for my husband and me to come home and work together and make some really delicious and healthy treats for our dogs,” said Megan Long, co-founder of Good Boy Dog Beer.

Beer for dogs can also have some health benefits. Long says she got the idea to start brewing it when her older dog started having digestive issues.

Both Busch Dog Brew and Good Boy Dog Beer are made from bone broth and a mixture of herbs and spices that are safe for dogs.

“This is a fun way for your dog to drink with you without getting any bad side effects. It's all positive ingredients in there for them,” said Long.

You can find Good Boy Dog Beer in pet shops across the country.

If you want to enter your pet in the Busch Dog Brew contest, you have until next week. As of Friday— the company said it has already received 4,000 entries.