This smart home device at CES claims it can fold all your laundry in under 5 minutes

Posted at 9:48 AM, Jan 09, 2019

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show is happening now in Las Vegas and one of the products featured at the conference is all the talk on social media.

Do you hate folding laundry? Do you hate folding laundry so much that you would pay up to $1,000 just to have a giant robot do it for you?

There's a laundry-folding robot that might actually be available to purchase by the end of 2019 and it was premiered at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. FoldiMate, the company who created the product, also the name of the robot, has been a big name at the conference for the past few years, promising to change the folding game. Well, this year, they actually debuted a fully functioning prototype of the concept.

FoldiMate, based in Israel, says the laundry-helping robot "will fold most types of shirts, blouses, or pants from age 6 to adult size XXL. It will also fold standard size towels and pillowcases."

They say it's family friendly and anyone in the family can help fold laundry. It can help you keep your closet and dressers organized, keeping piles of messy laundry from accumulating in your home.

Though it can fold lots of clothes, according to the company, it'll still be up to you to figure out how to fold that ridiculous fitted sheet because FoldiMate can't help you there. The good news? They claim you can get your laundry folding done in under five minutes because it only takes a few seconds to fold one item.

The company is hoping to launch the product in "late 2019" and you can add your name to the waitlist on their website . The target price for the time-saving product is $980, but the website says the price and launch date are not final at this time.