Great Dane saves owner from rattlesnake bite in California

'Hero' dog saves owner from rattlesnake bite in Oceanside back yard
Posted at 9:11 AM, May 21, 2021

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — A Great Dane named Mia is recovering at her Oceanside home after playing the role of hero during an encounter with a rattlesnake.

Two weeks ago, during her lunch break, Megan Montano stopped back at her home and let out her two dogs onto her backyard patio.

Montano knelt down to put the leash on her chihuahua, Rebel, when she felt Mia race to her left.

“Then all of a sudden, (I) kind of felt her bump into my side and rear back while making a noise," Montano said. "I threw my head to the left and I saw the snake."

A mere foot from Montano was a foot-and-a-half long rattlesnake.

“I think she thought it was an intruder and was going to probably push it out,” Montano said. “I should have been bit. I don't know how I wasn't bit.”

Mia wasn't so lucky.

"She kept trying to hit her mouth with her paw. Instantly, I knew it had bit her,” Montano said.

As Mia's mouth swelled up, Montano rushed her to the vet. Mia received one dose of antivenin, before being released that night. While additional symptoms later sent Mia back to the vet a few days later, Montano reports that the dog is now feeling much better.

“I would say Mia is definitely my hero dog,” Montano said.

A few months into rattlesnake season, Montano is hoping to prevent the need for future heroics.

“They now wait inside until I clear patio, before I let them out,” Montano said.

She has a message for other pet owners.

“Be aware of your surroundings, and just be smart. Have your head on a swivel at all times,” Montano said.

The rattlesnake, believed to be a juvenile, was found the day after the bite, then captured and relocated.

This story was originally published by Michael Chen on Scripps station KGTV in San Diego.

Great Dane saves owner from rattlesnake bite