Extremely steep 'HangTime' roller coaster launches at Knott's Berry Farm

Posted at 2:24 PM, May 18, 2018

CALIFORNIA — A new, innovative roller coaster is now ready for thrill seekers at Knott’s Berry Farm in Orange County — if they can “Hang.”

The new HangTime coaster at the theme park in Buena Park is being touted as the first and only dive coaster in California. The ride includes a 15-story, 96-degree drop that park officials claim is the steepest in the state.

HangTime, according to park officials, is only the second roller coaster in the Western Hemisphere “to feature a negative-g stall loop, which gives riders the sensation of floating.”

Additionally, the new ride’s structure will “come to life and illuminate the Boardwalk area with colorful nighttime track chase lighting that will accompany the coaster train’s travels across the smooth steel track.”

The coaster runs on nearly 2,200 feet of steel track and can reach a maximum speed of 57 mph.

Get a first-person view of the HangTime ride: