DoggZamm! app allows you to identify dog breeds with just a photo

Posted at 12:14 PM, Jul 22, 2018

There are hundreds of dog breeds out there, which is why it gets even harder to distinguish when dogs are mixed.

A Michigan man has created an app that helps you figure out what Fido is. 

“How many times have you looked at a dog and wondered ‘what type of dog is that,'” said Elderied McKinney, creator of DoggZamm!.

McKinney developed the app, which can identify dog breeds in a snap of a photo. It was inspired by his very curious 6-year-old daughter Makenzy. 

“Instead of Shazam, you can have DoggZam!,” McKinney said. 

The app snaps a photo of a dog and in seconds identifies the breed by recognizing facial features and fur. 

“Scrolling one of your friend’s Facebook page, you may not know the type of dog that is," he said. "Just click, take a picture of it and there you go.”

The app is free and could be a good tool to have next time you head to an animal shelter to get a new best friend. 

For McKinney, creating this app has been an educating and eye-opening experience. 

“I didn’t realize how many different type of breeds are in one specific breed,” he said. 

DoggZamm! can be downloaded on Apple devices and will be available on Androids later this fall.