Add something new to your meals with the help of 3 sour beers

Posted at 4:12 PM, Aug 15, 2017

Tired of the same old IPAs, ales, and wheat beers? Why not try something different - like a sour beer?

It might sound strange, but sour beers are the new hot thing in the craft beer world and their taste is taking beer enthusiasts and foodies by surprise. Kristina Guerrero and beer expert Sam Kawa are trying out 3 popular sour beers that are bound to make your mouth water.

1. Lindemands Framboise Lambic

Fermented with raspberries, this beer has a fruity tartness to it that's not overwhelming - a perfect way to start your adventure into the world of sour beers. It has a refreshing, lightly bubbly quality to it that makes it an easy to drink beer to enjoy by the pool or while relaxing at brunch.

Pairs Well With: Chocolate mouse or kale salad

2. Avery Brewing Co.'s El Gose

This German-style ale gets a Mexican lager twist with lime and sea salt added in; so if you're a fan of Pacifico, this is the sour beer for you. The lime and citrus in the beer make it the perfect drink for summer, especially with its light weight and crisp finish.

Pairs Well With: Anything on the grill and Mexican-inspired food

3. Petrus Aged Pale Ale

If you've ever wanted to brew together your own flavors (without all the brew kits and waiting), Petrus's line of pale ales might be for you. The brewery makes 3 different tart ales and recommends that you mix the flavors to your liking and creativity. Mix between their classic Aged Pale, the fruity, cherry kissed Aged Red, and the Rood Bruin, made with young brown beer.

Pairs Well With: Seafood and white meat

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