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‘Invisible’ banana French toast recipe has flavor you can’t see

‘Invisible’ banana French toast recipe has flavor you can’t see
Posted at 8:30 AM, Mar 04, 2023

French toast is a deceptively simple breakfast recipe that almost anyone can master. And with this “invisible” banana French toast recipe, you can create restaurant-quality French toast that is infused with banana flavor.

Although the recipe for invisible banana French toast recently went viral, it is actually a recipe that was first published back in the 1980s. According to The Kitchn, the recipe is from a 1981 issue of Woman’s Day magazine that included a special mini-cookbook insert featuring characters from DC Comics.

However, the vintage French toast recipe recently received modern attention when a Redditor shared the kitschy DC Comics cookbook find on the Old Recipes forum. It’s a very basic recipe: All you need is whole wheat bread, an egg, cinnamon, butter (or oil) and, of course, a banana.

See the post from u/meatzilla below:

As Robin explains to Batman, he uses a blender to mix up the banana, cinnamon and egg in order to get a super smooth consistency. You can also use a food processor or an immersion blender, or simply mash by hand, as long as you are not afraid of a little elbow work.

You then dip the bread in the wet mixture. Remember, the bread needs to be really dry for the perfect French toast. If you don’t have bread that is at least a few days old, you can dry the bread out in a gently heated oven. Or, try this TikTok hack from @sheenamarie3568 and toast the bread before you soak it in your egg mixture.

@sheenamarie3568 20+ years of making French toast wrong. #frenchtoast #todayyearsoldwhen #fyp #vote #election2022 #electionday #breakfastfordinner ♬ original sound – Sheena

While many people reach for thick, doughy bread like challah or ciabatta bread for French toast, this invisible banana French toast calls for whole wheat bread. The Kitchn reports that the nutty flavor of whole wheat bread is the perfect pairing for banana French toast, but if you are a purist and want to use pain de mie or another bread like brioche or challah, you certainly can.


Once plated, dust with powdered sugar. Top with warmed butter and syrup. Just don’t be surprised when the Batman in your life is shocked by how you managed to make bananas invisible.

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