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These Clever Hourglass-Shaped Flip Jars Are The Perfect Way To Store And Serve Pickles

These Clever Hourglass-Shaped Flip Jars Are The Perfect Way To Store And Serve Pickles
Posted at 10:30 AM, Jan 13, 2022

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Pickle cravings can be powerful — and when they strike, you want to satisfy them quickly. So, you might go to the fridge or pantry to grab a jar of your favorite sweet, sour or spicy pickle only to struggle with fishing them out of the brine. Thanks to the way pickles are packaged, they can be frustrating and messy to handle.

Now you can get right to the good stuff with an innovative pickle jar design that’s shaped like an hourglass but has a two-in-one feature. It acts as both a storage jar and a serving container.

The flip pickle jar is simple but so effective! One side holds both the brine and the pickles together to keep them fresh and flavorful. In the middle of the jar is a hole with a strainer that allows the brine to flow out when you flip it over. This separates the pickles from their liquid, making them ready to pluck from the jar with no fuss!

Take a look at the Home-X Pickles and Olives Hourglass Jar, available on Amazon for only $14.98.


The lid is airtight, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or spills when it’s closed properly. You don’t even have to worry about getting your hand stuck because the mouth of the jar is so large. Plus, it doubles as a serving dish for meals and parties; just make sure to include a serving spoon or fork to prevent cross-contamination from people constantly reaching for another serving.

These pickle jars are disappearing quickly from stores, but you may be able to locate other versions. For example, the Miles Kimball storage and serving pickle jar is listed at $8.99. This particular product can be found online at the Miles Kimball site, at Walmart and on Amazon. However, these sites all appear to be temporarily out of stock right now (on Amazon, you can still buy it from third-party sellers for a higher price point).

Miles Kimball

The next time you pick up your favorite jar of pickles, olives, or even jalapeños, give the flippable pickle jar a try for a mess-free, easy way to serve up these garnishes!

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