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Glass Tips Are The Hottest New Nail Trend

Glass Tips Are The Hottest New Nail Trend
Posted at 12:55 PM, Feb 12, 2020

Looking for a dazzling shade for your manicure? Well, the edgiest color in the nail world right now isn’t even a color: It’s clear “glass,” and the stunning, icicle-like appearance is absolutely perfect for wintertime.

Demi Lovato first brought the glass nail trend to the world’s attention when she showed off clear glass tips on her Instagram stories, describing the look as “Soooooo sick.”

Lovato, who also recently posted a body-positive image of her cellulite that has garnered almost 10 million likes so far, was quick to credit Los Angeles-based nail salon Nail Swag for her “glass” nails. You can admire the work of nail artist and Nail Swag’s co-owner, Natalie Minerva, who created Lovato’s glass nails look — with just a hint of color and sparkle — in Minerva’s Instagram post:

Glass nails can be pared down even more for an ultra-clean and modern look, as displayed in this image from Instagram account @toolstojewels:

Or you can add some pretty little details, like tiny hearts, as Instagrammer @nailsbygigi08 did in the manicure below. So perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Demi Lovato has also recently rocked other nail trends from Nail Swag, most notably at the Super Bowl where she showed off her “frombré” nails (a combination of “French” and “ombré”).

Frombré nails are the perfect combo of the classic French manicure with an ombré overlay, and of course, Lovato opted to get her nails in the super-trendy coffin shape.

You could also get the frombré look in pure matte for an utterly modern style, like the manicure in this Instagram post from account @hypedfordipnails:

As you can see from this image posted by nail artist @nailsbykristinavogel, clear nails and frombré have a lot in common: They are all about simplicity, clean lines and minimal fuss.

These modern nail trends are perfect for day-to-night because they look professional for work but are sexy and stylish enough for post-work playtime.

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