Musician Miranda Lambert reportedly got into a fight at a restaurant, dumped salad in patron's lap

Posted at 4:08 PM, Feb 16, 2019

An altercation at a Nashville restaurant involving country music star Miranda Lambert led to multiple calls coming in to 911 on Sunday evening.

According to TMZ , Lambert was reportedly having dinner with her mom and a male friend at Stoney River steakhouse when an argument ensued.

The first of the calls made to 911 came from a member of the staff at the restaurant. The staffer begins the phone call by saying, "I have two guests about to get into a fistfight. Miranda Lambert got into it with another couple."

The Stoney River employee goes on to tell the operator that the patrons are yelling and cussing, claiming "Miranda's trying to hit people."

This argument climaxed when Lambert dumped her salad in the lap of the woman at the other table with whom she had been arguing.

The 911 calls continued to come in. One even came from the manager of the restaurant who begged for the cops to send help as the fight had disrupted everyone seated in the dining room.