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These Viral Photos Of Kids With Down Syndrome Dressed As Disney Characters Are Helping To Raise Awareness

These Viral Photos Of Kids With Down Syndrome Dressed As Disney Characters Are Helping To Raise Awareness
Posted at 8:00 AM, Dec 06, 2019

Nicole Perkins, a photographer from the United Kingdom, loves using her craft to capture the smiles and personalities of the kids she comes across. And when she can combine her passion for photography with the affection she has for the children she works with at a school for those with special needs, she creates true magic.

Inspired by the kids she worked with, Perkins wanted to show people how amazing they were. She knew that if she combined these beautiful children with a little Disney pixie dust, she would have a photo collection that could touch the hearts of others.

Her “Down with Disney” photoshoots, which were released in October as part of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, struck a chord with people around the world. These precious photos have since been shared more than 8 million times, according to Perkins, through Facebook and other social media platforms.

“The response has been incredible, and it was so much fun creating the images,” Perkins told “Good Morning America.” “I have met some amazing families in the process and I’m so glad to see the joy the images of their children has brought to so many people.”

Perkins used 12 Disney films as inspiration for the photos. Each one is cuter than the last! This “Little Mermaid,” for example, has us wishing we were part of her world:

Aurora Marney was only 4 months old when this picture was taken. And while she has Sleeping Beauty’s name, she’s the most adorable Ariel we’ve ever seen.

And how about this pint-sized Aladdin and Jasmine? Say hello to Abdullah (age 2) and Maryam (7):

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is an iconic movie and this photo featuring 10-year-old Holly and 6-year-old Jensen has us wanting to recast Belle and her prince:

“Frozen” fever is alive and well with this terrific trio of tots. Lauren (6), Poppie (6) and Evan (5) capture Elsa, Anna and Kristoff perfectly!

Check out this adventurous duo from “Toy Story.” Jackson (2) is a wonderful Woody and Rory (1) is a bouncy Buzz:

Are you ready for adventure? Six-year-old Chole transforms into the strong and mighty Merida from Disney’s “Brave.”

One-year-old Jaxon, dressed as Peter Pan, proves that all you need is a little pixie dust and imagination to fly into the stars! And, of course, Tinkerbell is right by his side:

To see the full “Down with Disney” photo collection, head over to the Nicole Louise Photography Instagram page. We know each one will make you smile.

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