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Bride And Groom Held Deadlift Contest At Their CrossFit-inspired Wedding

Bride And Groom Held Deadlift Contest At Their CrossFit-inspired Wedding
Posted at 6:15 AM, Feb 11, 2020

Ask any CrossFitter and they’ll tell you that it’s not just a way of keeping fit — it’s a passion that runs through every aspect of their life. (And, officially, “a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition,” according to the official CrossFit website). So, when CrossFit couple Caleb and Ericka Sommer were planning their wedding in 2019, there could only be one theme.

“We wanted the ceremony to reflect our personalities: hungry, outgoing and a little bit crazy,” Ericka told PopSugar. “So our officiant fed me fried chicken and then we did shots of pre-workout with our guests. He knew I’d be hungry if we stood too long in our 20-minute ceremony, so he brought me a snack.”

The couple first met when Ericka visited Caleb’s gym in Denver, Project Rise Fitness, which they now run together. You can tell they love to work out together, based on this Instagram photo Caleb posted in February 2019, showing Ericka holding him on her back at their gym.

The couple made sure their wedding reflected their love of fitness and gave their guests plenty of unique memories. The best part of the whole ceremony was apparently their “first dance” as a married couple, which didn’t actually involve any dancing.

Instead, it was a three-part performance choreographed by the couple themselves. First, they took part in a mini dodgeball game (a nod to their habit of playing the game against each other in the early stage of their relationship). Next, they had a Jell-O-eating contest, paying tribute to their tendency to competitively eat when dining out together). The spectacle concluded with a deadlift competition – what else?

“No one remembers you slow dancing to an Ed Sheeran song. People remember you deadlifting in your wedding dress and diving on the floor to go face deep in a pie pan of colors-that-stain Jell-O,” Ericka added. You can see a photo of that particular moment in a photo shared to Instagram by Caleb, complete with bright blue Jell-O covering his bride’s chin.

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MY BRIDE. Pretty easy choice in my opinion

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While that part of the day was wild, the couple still said their vows in a low-key and traditional way, as you can see from this photo shared by Ericka on Instagram. She proclaimed it “THE BEST DAY EVER.”

You can see some more of the photos of their unforgettable wedding, taken by Colorado-based photographer Adam Houseman, in the story attached to Houseman’s Facebook post below.

You know what they say: the couple that deadlifts together stays together!

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